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Intro to Sparkling Wine

Ah, bubbly!

Time for celebration! But not all sparkling wine is made the same. In fact, there is more variation in this category than any other category in a wine shop. From dry to sweet, from gentle to aggressive, from cheap to (VERY) expensive, sparkling wine has it all.

There are three main methods, as conveyed on our sparkling wine handout:

The key to remember when shopping is that Prosecco is almost always made using the Charmant method, which is what makes for the creamy, soft style of that wine as opposed to the toasty and biscuity style of Champagne and Cava.

And learn the dosage levels (Brut, Extra Dry, etc.) to assure that you get the wine that you expect.

More links for learning

A good overview on sparkling wine in general.

When talking about Champagne from the region of Champagne, you can call it Champagne. The rest of the world is sparkling wine.

Here’s what it looks like when a Prosecco tank breaks at the seams and unleashes 8,000 gallons of juice.

Some of the best sparkling wines for the money come from Spain, where they call it Cava. These are made in the same method as real-deal Champagne, but at a fraction of the price.

The greatest food pairing with sparkling wine is anything deep fried and salty. Here’s proof.