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Intro to European wines: links, maps, and course flow

Thank you so much for joining Wine School at The Wine Workshop for this course!

We wanted to take a second to help you understand the organization, links, access to maps, and much more that will make the course great for you.

Using the “Lesson Complete” button
A good habit to get into for the course is to hit the green “Lesson Completed” button when you finish a lesson. This is not automatically checked when you complete a section, you have to do it yourself. Checking it helps you (and us) track your progress. Don’t worry, you can always go back to the info at a later date!

Also keep in mind that we have a course set up so you can skip forward and backwards all you wish. We do suggest absorbing the lessons in order, but it’s not a requirement.

The links for more info per lesson
We design each lesson with a fun selection of links for further study and learning. As always, there are no requirement to view them. Treat them as curated links that we have vetted for high quality and accurate further learning.

We link heavily to a site called WineSearcher, for we have found their regional and grape variety information to be the most clear, accurate, and up to date on the web. They are awesome, and their website also allows you to find bottles within any particular subject of place or region.

We also occasionally link to sites such as the New York Times or the Washington Post that may have a paywall.

Links to maps and more

For maps of each region, we provide links for you to get PDFs and other downloads. We do not embed these in our course because they are not our property, and we want you to explore the websites they come from. Any maps embedded in our website are open source and free to use (including those designed by us).

Reach out with questions as needed

If you run into any website issues during the course, drop me a line at jason@thewineworkshop.net.


Jason and Angela Kallsen
Co-Founders, The Wine Workshop