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How to approach French wine

It’s always good to start with a wide view, encompassing a bit of history, a bunch of geography, and some cultural context.

Good online/downloadable maps of French wine regions

Wine Folly



Society of Wine Educators

More links for learning

WineSearcher: French wine

Wine Cellar Insider: Overview of French Wine Law and AOCs

SommWine: The beginning of French Wine Law (good article for background info)

Wine Searcher: French Wine Label Information

Wine Spectator: “Terroir,” defined

Wine and War: This is a must-own book for history buffs, covering the stories of WWII and the impact on the French wine industry. There are some AMAZING stories to be found in this book, and I really wish it was turned into a movie! Note that it’s easy to find used copies: check Ebay or Abebooks online.