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Favorite producers of Alto Adige

The stunning architecture of Tramin Winery, October 2011

We’ve been enjoying the wines of Alto Adige for decades, and as you’ve heard it’s one of our favorite spots to travel to. Over the course of tasting literally thousands of wines from this region, we’ve zoomed in on the following producers as our favorites. When you combine a great producer with a favorite grape variety then some serious magic can occur.

This is why we are de-emphasizing DOCs, DOCGs, and other such location-based discussion during this section. The truth of the matter is that most producers buy grapes from a huge array of growers all over Alto-Adige. The defining characteristic is the winery itself.

Finding these wines

Not all states import all of these producers. In fact, there are some on this list you’d be hard pressed to find in America at all. The key is to find a good wine shop that can look into special ordering a wine for you, or go to a major market and to a store that specializes in Italian wine (the Eataly locations in Chicago and New York are great examples). Lastly, you can easily do a search via Winesearcher to find these producers and have wine shipped to you.

** All links lead to the Alto Adige Consortia page, where further links will lead you to the producer’s websites **


Terlano (Cantina Terlan)

Elena Walch

Alois Lageder



Thomas Niedermayr

J. Hofstätter

Franz Haas


Peter Zemmer