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Croatian Wine and the history of Zinfandel

Croatia is, only now, starting to emerge into the modern world of wine. But it’s an uphill battle for them for the grape varieties are unknown to many and hard to pronounce.

To experience the wines of Croatia today, it’s best to travel there. Few examples (that are worthwhile) are imported into the United States, but that is starting to change.

However, the story of Zinfandel is fascinating indeed and is what is fueling the curiosity about Croatian wine.

Note: In the video I spoke a bit too fast, and said Primitivo from Italy is not quite the same as Zinfandel from California. I was wrong! Primitivo and Zinfandel are genetically identical. Sorry about that! More info below.

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And finally, one of my FAVORITE ads ever. This was for the Paso Robles Zinfandel festival, and it covers the history of Zinfandel in such a great way!