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Co-ops in Alto Adige and why they are important

There are 12 co-operatives in Alto Adige.

And those 12 co-ops make 70% of the wine of Alto Adige.

Think about that!


The Road to Wine: Alto Adige Cooperatives (a good short article)

Association of Alto Adige Wine Cooperatives

Grape Collective: Good Cooperatives are Good Values

Wine Enthusiast: Alto Adige’s Wine Co-ops: Community, Sustainability, Quality

Our favorite Alto Adige Cooperatives

Cantina Tramin
This is one of my favorite wineries on the planet. I first visited them in 2003 where I met and tasted with the soon-to-be-famous Willi Sturtz. Later they moved into one of the coolest winery buildings in all of Italy. Their wines are ethereal, precise, and just so damn good.
300 Owners, 260 Hectares, 100 Points
More info on the wines of Tramin from their American importer

Cantina Terlano (Terlan)
Where we experienced one of the best tastings of our lifetime, with the Pinot Biancos going back to 1955. A must visit when you go to Alto Adige!
Quality in 1.5 Million Bottles
More info on the wines of Terlan from their American importer