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Burgundy Project 2: Village Exploration, Côte d’Or

Your second and third projects are inspired by an assignment I had when I was in college, as a geography major at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Phillip Gershmel had us pick one spot in North America, and through all the resources available at the time (pre-internet), compile information to accurately describe that one spot.

While there is no formal paper due for this project, the idea is the same.

Pick one village in the Côte d’Or (other than Beaune … too big and easy for this assignment). Your research will lead you into the village, exploring the commerce, the history, the wineries, the restaurants, and the culture.

The handout will guide you through all the steps. This is an eye-opening exercise and hopefully, even years down the road, you’ll pull the sheet back out of your files to experience your discoveries in person!

A view of the village of Pommard