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Burgundy Project 1: Retailer Analysis

For our first project in the Burgundy Superclass, you’ll be analyzing the Burgundy section at a retail shop.

Pick a good, small, local fine wine retailer. Don’t pick a big one, or you’ll just be making more work for yourself.

The goal here is to teach you to look at the Burgundy selections with more clarity, separating out not only whites and reds, but also Chablis vs. the rest, plus all the levels of the wines (Bourgogne through Grand Cru).

This is a powerful lesson, and one that we designed for training wine sales reps to help them find opportunity. It’s incredibly powerful for a consumer, for after completing the lesson you’ll forevermore look at Burgundy sections at shops differently.

Download your sheet below:

A very important hint: be ready for the retailer to wonder what you’re doing. Most consumers don’t come walking into a store with a clipboard in hand to analyze a section. They will approach and ask what you’re doing. Tell the truth, of course. You’re taking an online class on Burgundy through The Wine Workshop, and you’re analyzing the Burgundy section. A good wine shop will reply with curiosity and support, helping you figure out what you’re looking at (another hint: try to go to a store during the week and early in the day).

Have fun!