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Burgundy and Beaujolais


Map Resources

Society of Wine Educators: Map of Burgundy (super basic, not confusing)

Beaune Tourism: Map of Burgundy (super detailed)

Wine Folly: A Simple Guide to Burgundy Wine (with maps)

CellarTours: Burgundy wine region map

More links for learning

Guild of Sommeliers: Burgundy Staff Training Guide (PDF)
This is extremely comprehensive, and might be more info that you are seeking out, but it’s an amazing resource that I’m not sure the Guild of Sommeliers knows is out there for public consumption! Very worthwhile download.

Burgundy Wine: You can learn a lot from a wine label
Great info on the quality levels of Burgundy and how to read a label to figure it out.

WineSearcher: Burgundy

Here’s a video of me stepping through all the wine regions of the core of Burgundy, the Cote d’Or.


Map Resources

Vineyards.com: Beaujolais Wine Map

Discover Beaujolais: Beaujolais Wine Map (and lots of great info on this site)

More links for learning

WineSearcher: Beaujolais

VinePair: 9 Questions about Beaujolais You’re Too Embarrassed to Ask

Flatiron Wines and Spirits: An Introduction to Beaujolais