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A short history of Burgundy

The history of Burgundy is directly linked to its wines, as we discuss in the video. From the Romans, to the Church, to present day, the impact of the history of Burgundy is experienced with every bottle.

This adds to the story and power of Burgundy. Knowing that wine has been made there for thousands of years, that the greatest vineyards have been recognized for centuries, makes for a special place indeed.

Links for more learning

Wikipedia page on the history of Burgundy (very comprehensive when you follow their links)

Another good overview on the history of Burgundy wines in particular

Earliest evidence of Burgundy wines: “The earliest recorded praise of the wines of Burgundy was written in 591 by Gregory of Tours, who compared it to the Roman wine Falernian. Monks and monasteries of the Roman Catholic Church have had an important influence on the history of Burgundy wine.” source: Wikipedia

Wine Spectator: The impact of Napoleonic inheritance laws on the wines of Burgundy

Was the 19th century the “Golden Age for Burgundy Wines”? Or was it the 20th century?

A must read book to understand Burgundy during WWII: Wine and War