Keeping up on your connections

Your digital rolodex is full of people that may one day change your life, add value to your world, or at the very least stand up for you when needed. They are your investors, but with emotions and support rather than money.

So how do you keep them in your orbit?

Simply connecting on LinkedIn does little unless you maximize the tools on that website and use it to reach out and connect.

Simply sending a Facebook birthday greeting does little unless you write more than just happy birthday.

Simply having your connections on a bulk email list to efficiently sell yourself or your services is, well, kinda spammy.

In other words, when you think you’re keeping up on your connections through passive digital ways you may simply be doing what every single other person out there does, which means very little. You’re part of the digital flotsam. Instead hone the list, figure out who is truly important and … here’s the kicker … who you can help, and reach out to them. Connect directly. If in the same city, have coffee.

“What can I do to help your business?” is the surest way to have them help yours. The key is to be honest, sincere, and picky about who you say it to. Then say it directly to them, as personal as possible.

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