It’s your job

If you are a sales rep, it’s your job:

  • to have a current catalog at hand
  • to have current pricing sheets at the ready
  • to have your phone charged up for the day
  • to have extra time built into your schedule to handle last second needs of your customers
  • to know how best to communicate with your customers
  • to know how to work your digital tools for communication and ordering

If you are a winery or import rep, it’s your job:

  • to have current info sheets, labels, and info of your products at the ready
  • to know how to use your technology to give presentations
  • to have back up measures for your technology, if you are dependent on using it (example: bring your own remote control for your powerpoint, then bring a backup)
  • to have the story of your brand/s formed into a well thought out structure that hopefully takes advantage of the Hero’s Journey
  • to have business cards to hand out
  • to know the history of your products in the market and in particular accounts

These are all non-negociables. Simple as that.

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