Is it really that bad?

Rejection is tough. Hearing NO is difficult for everyone, across all industries and cultures. And too many times hearing NO can wear down the best of us.

But why did they say no?

If they said no for a specific reason, that is okay. “We have twenty Malbecs right now, we really don’t need another one.”

If they said no for a reason beyond their control, that is okay. “My budget is slashed for the week of buying. There’s just no money for that Malbec, even though I like it and it would sell.”

Eventually, the 20 Malbecs on the shelf will start to sell out, and the opportunity for yours will re-present. Eventually, the budgets will free up and you’ll be able to remind them of your wine they liked so much.

Sometimes NO isn’t really all that bad. Sometimes it just takes time and re-presenting.

Don’t take every NO too personally.

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