I don’t care if the wine is good

Thanks for pouring me a glass.

Yes, I agree that’s pretty damn good wine.

But I don’t care. Because there is a ton of good wine out there.

But here are some questions for you: Who made it? What do they represent? Are they taking a stand on something? Is it a region consumers are curious about? Is it a style that is being discussed in national articles? Who is pouring it by the glass near my wine shop? Is it a brand that has been tossed around town with three distributors in the last ten years, or is it something new? Did you find it, or did an importer? Which importer? Have you visited the property? Do you have photos and stories? Who are the customers for this? Does it show up in the big box stores? Do you have a quota you’re trying to hit on this brand? What education can you give me about this grape and this area? What other wines are its competition? Where should I place it in my store to help ensure people see it? Can you make a handwritten shelf-talker to explain it? What is the history of this region? What kinds of foods do they eat? Who actually made the wine? Have you tried other vintages? What were they like? Do you have a story of sales success for this wine in other markets? Will I be the first one to sell it? How much came into the state? Do you have more inventory coming in? Is the wine stateside, or can I buy all ten cases and corner the market for a few months? Is the next shipment the same vintage?

Who are the customers for this wine and how do I connect with them?


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