High gas prices are a wine rep’s friend

A big part of a wine sales rep’s job is driving around. Not only from account to account, but back to the warehouse again and again for the sudden will call because your customers forgot something on their order. Somehow, their problem became your problem.

Oh and let’s not forget about the account you saw two days ago that suddenly insists that you drive 20 miles one way to pick up a check because apparently they’ve never noticed the blue boxes on street corners with the eagle on them. (Yes, those wondrous boxes where you put a letter in and it MAGICALLY flies somewhere else. Ah, the modern era!)

Enter high gas prices. 

Now you have a rare opportunity to change the conversation a bit, bring efficiency to your territory, regain some control, and most importantly train your accounts how the two of your can work better going forward.

It’s pretty simple, but takes some guts.

If an account makes one of those cringe-worthy suggestions that you know is going to take time and miles to complete, say you’ll do it but you need five bucks cash when you arrive.


“I drive a {fill in the blank} and I get X miles to the gallon. Round trip to do this is going to be a gallon of gas. That’s five bucks. Cool with you? Or how about a free six pack? Or a glass of wine?”

Try it out. It will take them aback. And will also work (even if they complain and drop their request).


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