He said, She said, They said

Chatter is a problem, and the rumor mills that have been built via instant communication and social media are pretty staggering.

More so than ever, you have to be careful about what you hear, what you say, and what you choose to tell others.

Golden rules:

  1. Don’t start rumors.
  2. Don’t propagate rumors.
  3. Don’t buy into rumors.
  4. Be the smart kid on the playground and call a rumor what it is when you hear it.

In the wine business, here are some examples we’ve all heard or said at one time or another to or from customers, the public, friends, and others outside of the small circle of those that need to actually discuss it:

“I’ve heard that restaurant doesn’t pay their bills on time.”

“That store is sucking wind.”

“I think that brand might be on the way out.”

“I think that brand might be on the way in.”

“Rumor is that he got pulled over last year.”

“I’m pretty sure there’s a kickback involved in that placement.”

“There is no way they bought that wine for the price they claim.”

Rumors, he said, she said, they said, can lead to extremely detrimental consequences, on top of giving you a bad reputation on the street.

Words are important. Pay attention. Stay professional.

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