Four Months from Today

Welcome to SOND 2020.

This is a final third of a year like no other. The global pandemic, the unrest in America, the upcoming election, and for those in our industry the continued upheaval of the business in general.

Taxes, tariffs, the crash of restaurants, the boom of retail business. Wildfires, overproduction, competition … the list goes on.

Wine sales reps are being demoted, promoted, having the worst year ever, or maybe having the best year ever. It’s hard to talk with your co-workers as a result. Inequities have emerged, out of everyone’s control.

Retailers are trying to find their feet, trying to keep up with demand, trying to make the right decisions ahead of the busiest time of year (will it get busier as the temperatures fall?).

Restaurants are still in a fog. What does the future hold? How much is left in the bank account?

Regardless of where in the wine industry you work, here’s my question to you: in four months, on January 1, 2021, what do you want to say?

Do you want to say “Whew, we made it through that!”

Or do you want to say “We took those four months and made it better than we thought was possible.”

What “better” is, is up to you. Better income, better stability, better vision for what you want 2021 to be. You name it. But define it NOW.

Don’t just get through the next four months. Figure out how to make it better.

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