Do unto others with your business reputation

Lately, I’ve been seeing the extremes of people in our industry. Maybe it’s the political season stirring the pot and making people squirrely. I don’t know what’s causing it, but many people in our industry (including wine shop owners and salespeople) fall into one of two categories.

Either they are a fantastic force of positive energy, focus, happiness, and encouragement. They are good people. The ones that want to see others succeed and grow. The ones that people are drawn to naturally. The ones always trying to improve their own worlds. The ones looking forward and always helping with an opinion or an idea. The ones that people want to be around.

Or they are negative, vengeful, talking smack, or actively working to undermine competition and people in general. They yell, and they throw fits. They demean people (even humble delivery drivers simply trying to do their job). Their modus operondi is fear and revenge. Everyone, from their sales reps to their employees, has little respect for them but often has to put on their happy faces to do business or get through the day.

What I can’t understand is how some people can so easily break the golden rule: do unto others as you’d have done to you.

Attitude is a choice. Reputation is earned. And positivity will always win in the end.

Play for the winning team. It’s far more fun.


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