Do first what you fear most

Sales reps all have their own personality quirks. For years one of mine was actively avoiding things I feared the most. I was great at avoiding the tough conversations and the difficult phone calls. Many of us are. Fear is powerful stuff.

“Fear” brings up images ahead of the interaction. Images of high pressure, intense negotiation, and more. But for me, honestly, it was also learning to deal with my social phobias while avoiding rejection. I’m kinda fragile.

It’s easy to do what’s easy to do. It’s easy to always see the customer that makes you feel like a rockstar.

It’s hard to do what you fear. Calling that customer that you’ve been avoiding. Calling a spade a spade and pointing out how bad some wine lists are. Doing the Pepsi challenge between your wine and the competitor’s, and actively admitting defeat when it’s obvious.

If it makes you nervous or hesitant or afraid, there’s something there you have to face.

The good part? Just slay one dragon and the rest will start to back down. It’s neat how that happens.

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