Currency, value, and street cred

Adding income to your bottom line is usually in the form of selling. Sell more stuff, make more money.

But currency and value is not just money. There are thousands of instances every day where you can improve your value.

The positive interaction you have with a competitor.

The attention you pay to a new account.

The attention to you pay to an established account.

The advice you give the newbie.

The time you spend after a staff training talking with the shy server that says he wants to get into the wine business.

The extra will call you run to help out a restaurant.

All of these things have value. They are currency, but not with dollar signs.

Never lose sight of the fact that the easiest way to increase value, build currency, and improve your street cred is simple: be the person people want to see, talk to, and work with more. It’s not rocket science.

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