Constant, consistent, and always evolving change

Nothing stays the same for long.

Restaurants open and close. Often with little or no warning.

Distributors merge and portfolios shift. Always with no hint that it’s coming.

Retailers have ups and downs, successes and failures, great days and horrible weeks, sometimes for no apparent reason.

Every wine on every wine list in the world changes out at some point. That’s the evolution of a wine list and amazingly some sales reps get shocked every time it happens. Don’t be.

The only thing that is constant and consistent in our business is change. Everything is shifting at all times. The ground is not firm … instead it’s like an amusement park attraction with shifting floors, fake walls, and spinning tunnels.

Once you accept that change is evolution and that evolution is natural then you can embrace it. And once you embrace it you can become an instigator of the next change. And at that moment, the moment the change is happening because of YOU, then you have arrived at the next level.

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