Connect your wine to something bigger and greater

Of course you think the wine you’re selling tastes better than the competition. 

And guess what? That doesn’t really matter.

Playing the game of “mine is better than that” is a fool’s game because the rules can change constantly (via personal opinions). Would you throw money on the table in Vegas if the rules constantly changed based on the whims of who was dealing? Of course not.

A better way to approach the sale of a wine is to ask what your wine is connected to. When people buy that wine to have in their shop or on their list, what tribe have they aligned with?

Two wines, side by side, far more similar than different. One is priced higher, but is farmed biodynamically, family owned, and limited in availability. Guess what … it’s worth more because the people that want to buy that wine want to align with the tribe that supports biodynamic wines. It returns to the value question.

Connections like these can be made in a million different directions, but work like that is rarely done.

A lazy salesperson or marketer simply pours the wine and asks the customer what they think.

The superstar salesperson or marketer tells the customer why the wine matters before they even try it.

Connect your wine to a bigger world and larger picture, and you become a good marketer. Connect your wine to something beyond how it smells and tastes, and find other reasons for people to invest in your product.

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