Bowling and Wine Selling

Bowling is easy.

If you can consistently deliver the ball, with the same energy, direction, spin, and accuracy, you can win big, and you can crush the competition.

And it has to do with math. It’s the difference between a 90% success rate and a 100% success rate.

When you’re winning at bowling (consistently throwing strikes) you give yourself a major advantage in scoring compared to those that leave one pin standing. In other words, the better you are the better you score, in a mathematically exponential way. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a quick primer).

In wine sales, success builds. The more you knock down all the sales pins the more energy you have going forward, and the more success you see in your wallet. The sales grow exponentially.

There is a big difference between somebody who bowls a 9 every frame (total score of 90) versus a 10 every frame (the perfect 300).

Plan, take your time, strategize, push, work hard, and do what it takes to not settle for nine pins. Use success to propel you forward with advantage.

Aim for strikes, learn from spares, but don’t settle for nine pins standing.

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