Bird Brains: Proof that there are always haters

If you try to appease everybody all the time you eventually spend an inordinate amount of time appeasing the lowest of the low.

In the wine business, there are legendary thugs and bullies that own liquor stores around the country or buy wine for such shops. They harass, they intimidate, they threaten, they position themselves for conflict, they relish in watching sales reps wither.

My advice is simple: walk away from that business. 

Life is too short to have to deal with scum. And to prove there are always haters in the world, let’s talk about the Bird-of-Paradise.

The Bird-of-Paradise courtship display is simply one of the cutest things you can ever see. Their display ritual for mating is simply hilarious. There is a great YouTube video of the Bird-of-Paradise courtship spectacle, with well over 12,000 likes.

But somehow there are over two hundred thumbs down. 

My question is how? How can somebody give this awesome video a thumbs down?

Simple: there will always be haters.

Ignore haters. Don’t chase after their business. Anybody who doesn’t appreciate things like a Bird-of-Paradise courtship display isn’t going to appreciate the work of others and the concepts of joy and integrity, or relationship and trust.


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