A simple rule for wine sales reps

All wine sales reps should have one simple rule, a rule that cannot be broken, a rule that is priority above all other duties.

A weekly email communication with their customers.

Here’s the template, and it doesn’t have to be more complicated than this:

“Hey __________ –

I’m glad you enjoyed the __________ that we tried last week. For this week, here are three key things:

#1: Here’s what is new in the warehouse:

#2: Here’s who is visiting and special events we have planned in the next three weeks:

#3: Here’s an article (link) that makes me think of an opportunity for your store. I’ll start our conversation this week about it, so please check it out. See you __________ at _____ o’clock.



It’s personal (very important). It’s timely (very important). And it’s not done by any other sales reps (amazingly). Make a weekly email like this a priority and you will see results. Simple as that.

PS: If your company already has a company email that goes out, that is awesome but it does NOT take the place of personal communication.

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