A July 2016 wine challenge

Think of your network in your wine world. Think of the people that are either relatively new to it, or so constantly enthused about wine that they still have that buzz of excitement whenever you pour something for them. The people that know enough to know they love it but don’t know enough to get ahead in the industry.

Think about the people that simply want to learn more, seemingly all the time.

Now list three of them. Write them down.

Now mentor them. One on one. Don’t tell them you’re mentoring them. Do some cool stuff for them:

  • Procure some half bottles to enjoy with just them and talk about the wine.
  • Find them some books on wine (so many used book deals out there).
  • Ask for their wine opinion and push them into details.
  • Acquire for them a great wine map or two. Print them yourself or order some big ones.
  • Buy them some affordable but good stemware for home.

The key is not make it formal. Don’t tell them what you are doing. It’s just a bit more attention in the right direction. Call it karma or whatever you want, but helping and giving pays back in big ways, just not right away.

That’s your challenge for July. Three people. Maybe two or three private meetings with each.


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