A day to work ON, not be stuck IN

The day before Thanksgiving is a strange one indeed for wine sales reps.

It’s kinda like Friday, except it’s not. No retailers want to see you today, they are too busy (unless you are pouring free wine and giving them free labor, then they are happy to see you). It’s a great day to visit restaurant accounts, at least until they get busy by mid-afternoon.

So what is today good for?

Today is the perfect day for working on your business, as opposed to being stuck in the business.

It’s a day to clean out the digital files. A day to outline strategy for the next five weeks. A day to pre-write end of year thank you cards to customers (you’ll appreciate this so much come Christmas time). A day to think about January, February, and March and what you need to accomplish during those months. A day to figure out every single sample bottle you need for the next five weeks. A day to stop, sit, think (i.e. turn off the cell phone) and consider bigger ideas: where do you want to be in five years? Can you get there by doing what you’re doing now? How is your job treating you? If you could magically change three things about your work right now, what would they be? What options are out there?

Now that is a good use of the day before Thanksgiving! Don’t let it slip away.

Scheduling time to be working ON your business instead of IN your business is one of the most important tools to your future success.

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