1 x 26 does not equal 26

Big distributors like to make big drops, for it makes for big numbers and the stack of wine has big presence in the store.

But to sell 26 cases of a wine in one shot is very different than selling one case a week of a wine for 26 weeks.

To drip it out, to have the consistent demand that a case a week order proves, allows all sorts of conversations to happen. When you’re trying to find the next annuity-style wine, one that just keeps on giving in the form of sales, then your looking toward the future. Conversely, if that 26 cases load in is still sitting there, taking up room and gathering a bit of dust, then you’re forced to look backward, questioning the decision. Pity the sales rep that has to have that conversation with a buyer. Pity the buyer who has to bring it up with the sales rep.

Seek out annuity wines so the math works best for everybody involved.

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