Wine sales is not a zero sum game

The idea that if one wine is bought, then another can’t be. That there is only so much space. 

This is the thinking of the old guard. There is a new dynamic in play, and the best wine sales reps in the nation are doing it. 

That of the giver and connector. 

If you can be the one to give and add more to your local wine culture, you’ve increased the size of the pie and you no longer have to cut thinner slices. If you give, then you connect people within your wine world, the growth of a territory will come naturally.  

Where to start? Very few retailers actually know the restaurant owners and managers, and vice versa. Start there. Connect them. Give cool info. Get them around a table together to talk wine business. Then watch it happen. The growth, not only of their knowledge but also their respect for you for putting it together. 

Is it easier to just sell five cases of Chateau Plonk? Of course it is. But does that actually build something? Of course it doesn’t. 

Be a builder. 

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