Wine Industry Baggage and Assumptions

When you walk into a new account as a sales rep, one that doesn’t know you at all personally but might have opinions about who you work for, what kind of assumptions could that customer make?

Perhaps more importantly, what kind of assumptions do YOU make about what they are thinking?

And in that instance, how often do you think you are actually correct?

Many sales rep sabotage the relationship before it even begins. The mind game of assumptions takes over. Big companies = impersonal. Small new start ups = hip and cool but inexperienced. That one company just picked up that one brand, Etc etc….

You know what really matters in the end? Solving problems.

As a sales rep, have it less about you and who you work for, and instead have it be 100% about the customer and solving their problems.

Then the wine industry baggage and assumptions suddenly doesn’t matter. They melt away.

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