When you’re down

It’s been a soft week of sales.

Every sales pitch you’ve made lately falls flat.

Your boss is not impressed with your work.

You’re behind on your bills, and see dark clouds on the financial horizon.

You question your choice of career and the future you have in it.

Your confidence level has plummeted.

You have a hard time thinking about the next step to take.

Everybody has been there. Everybody has felt these moments. Especially the most successful people you know.

When you’re down, don’t make big decisions. Return to the small steps. Return to the daily planning and smaller goal setting. You can come back to the big ideas and life planning later. For now, when you’re down, the best goal to set for yourself is the smallest of goals that you can achieve quickly. Then set another, then another.

The power of goal setting is not just in tracking success. It’s also in motivation when it is needed the most.

Tiny steps, tiny goals, small successes that are recognized and celebrated. That’s how to get back on two feet.

You might be down, but you’re not out for the count.

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