What being remarkable really means

There is no goal other than to be remarkable at what you do.

Everything else falls into place after that.

Yes, there are highs and lows, unexpected roadblocks and accidentals holes you step in. That’s called being human. But if you are remarkable, the highs, lows, roadblocks, and holes don’t impact you as much as others.

Yes, there are quantifiable goals of profitability, income, sales, and other number-driven thoughts. But those can only be achieved through being remarkable. Average doesn’t achieve. Doing what you did yesterday, last month, or last year doesn’t make the engine of the world run better. You need to be remarkable to make amazing things happen.

So what is being remarkable? A few ideas:

Being remarkable is being the number one go to resource to solve a problem. I’m not talking the big problems of the world. I’m talking little things. “I’m looking for a new Pinot Noir by the glass.” “Don’t tell anybody but I need a new wine job … do you have any ideas?” “This restaurant seems like an impossible account to crack into. Can you help?” “Our banker is coming in for dinner tonight and I need you to serve them because I trust you to do it right.” “Our Australian wine section is down 15%. Can I task you to get the numbers back and then grow it?”

Being remarkable is being ahead of the game and controlling the game, not living reactionary. Far too many people in the wine industry work in a reactionary fashion. Putting out fires, running will calls, chasing checks, only responding with new ideas when their old reliables are threatened. Remarkable wine workers flip this, control the future, and hold their own steering wheel.

Being remarkable is being positive. Never, ever negative. Never, ever exclusionary. Never, ever pessimistic. Because by being positive you attract the right people into your orbit. You take the high road. You are somebody people want to seek out. You bring a smile to people’s faces when you walk in the door.

Being remarkable is being a builder. A producer of ideas. A creator of systems. A solver of problems. A factory of NEW.

Be remarkable. It’s the only goal that really matters in the end.

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