What are you going to do next year?

This is an important question to ask, because next year is next week.

Annual reviews of accounts, territories, personal strengths, personal weaknesses, planned development, goals, outlooks, and ideas are wonderful ways to take a longer view of your wine sales business.

It’s also a great way to fall into the sticky mud of too many ideas and details.

Bring it back to simple reality with the simple question: what are you going to do next year?

Are you going to grow your business by 14%? How can you best do that without working 14% harder or magically creating 14% more time in a day? Or are you going to just coast and keep doing what you have been doing, expecting the same results?

Are you going to expand your account base or grow your current customers? Or both? And if both, how will you know when you succeed?

Are you going to develop tools to help with your sales, or are you going to bring in teams and partners for personal development? Or both?

Are you going to break your goals into 90 day plans, or are you going to only look at the whole year? Is one way better than the other?

That’s a start. Keep it simple. Answer some of these questions and start to work backwards into the solutions. 

The main thing is that you know what you’re doing starting next week. Sharpen that pencil and get to work.

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