The simple way to do an annual review

With 99% certainty here is what every one of your retail and restaurant customers does NOT know.

They don’t know how much wine they bought from you this past year (dollars and cases).

They don’t know how much wine they bought from you the year before that (dollars and cases).

They don’t know the percentage difference between those two years.

Plus there’s one other important thing they don’t know: what YOUR vision, goals, opportunities, and plans are for the new year. (Hint: “I want to sell you more wine” is not a vision, goal, or plan.)

Organize this simple info, set up appointments with all of your main buyers, and have this meeting in the next two weeks. By doing this simple thing you are building a foundation for growth and achievement even before selling one single bottle to them in the new year.

PS: you can take it further as well: They don’t know what they bought the most of, or the second most; They don’t know what worked well for them last spring but is not longer on the list or shelf; they don’t know what has sold well at all of your other accounts but they don’t carry the product. The list goes on. It’s your job to tell them these things, it’s not their job to magically know.


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