The most overlooked wine placement

As a wine wholesale rep, are you using the cold box correctly?

Pre-chilled wine is big business. With fewer and fewer people buying wine in bulk and rather grabbing multiple single bottles during the week, the cold box placement is gold. Every single sales call must address this, and a cold box placement can easily be used to boost a deal or shape a sale.

If you are selling to a customer that always insists on in-store tastings, ask for cold box placements in exchange for you time and labor. If you are selling to a customer that wants you to print materials for them, ask for a cold box placement in exchange.

It’s the easiest thing in the world for the retailer to say yes to, and it’s the easiest way to boost your sales in that store at the same time.

(Don’t forget to put your shelftalkers up in the cold box as well.)

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