The chemistry of learning something new

Let’s put brain chemistry to work for us in the wine sales industry.

No, I’m not talking about even more sampling and drinking.

I’m talking about learning.

Turns out the release of dopamine in the brain — the trigger that happens when you have the first sip of a really great wine, or hear coins pouring out of a slot machine, or kiss somebody for the first time, or find out that you just earned a $1000 bonus — is also released in small amounts when new learning occurs.

Learn something new, and you get a dopamine hit. Not as much of a hit as, say, intaking cocaine. But obviously learning is far safer (and legal!).

As a wine sales rep, use this to your advantage. Always come with a tidbit of new information to share and teach. It’s never been easier to find all sorts of information to add to a sales presentation. A little story about the food of an area. A little info on the genetics of a strange grape variety. A few lines about the history of a region.

By backing off from the regular formula of “this is how it tastes, here are the scores, and this is the price” that so many sales reps fall into, you can stand out.

Be the sales rep that triggers a little dopamine drip in your customers. They won’t even know it’s happening, and before you know it they will crave it. When they crave it consistently, it’s the same chemistry as addiction, except this is the good kind of addiction … being hooked on you and your information.

Try it out. Learn more about this subject here, and here.

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