Tell me a (curated) story

Who made the wine?

Where did it come from?

What does it taste like?

What makes it different from the others?

These are common questions that get addressed in a sales presentation about a wine. They are what buyers expect to hear, so much so that a sales rep often blindly rattles off the list without passion or insight, sometimes while or after pouring the wine (as the decision not to buy it is instantly made by the buyer).

So what if the story was told differently? Not just rattled off, but curated.

What struggles did the maker of the wine face? What point did she find herself thinking “I need to make this wine” or “I need to open my own winery”? Build the hero story by starting at the point of struggle and creation.

What makes that place special? Show a map, point a finger on the exact spot. Talk about something regarding the area other than vineyards and wine. “On this bend is an organic lemon farm, and the pound of lemons I bought, for $5 on the self serve stand, is one of the greatest purchases I’ve ever made.” Tell the story of place with a tale beyond wine.

Taste is subjective, and taste shape shifts with other flavors. Prove this fact with a simple wedge of good cheese or cured meat. “First try it like this, now try it with that. I love how it evolves.” Don’t just tell them what it tastes like. Show them what it can do.

There is so much wine out there, so much competition. What sets this one apart? It’s not facts (ABV, acid levels, etc.). It’s what it represents. “Wines like this sell to people like that.” Who will seek out this wine? Describe the perfect consumer for a product. That’s what sets it apart from the competition. Sell based on who the customer is and what they are looking for.

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