Strengths, and your personal superpowers

Peter Parker can shoot webs and swing from building to building.

Aquaman can swim underwater like a dolphin.

Bruce Wayne builds great gadgets and tools to help get his job done (plus he drives a pretty awesome car).

And what do you do?

We all have superpowers. The strengths that set us apart from others. Certain characteristics in our personalities that are simply stronger than found in others.

Some of us are funny. We know we can make people laugh, and we use that to diffuse situations and build commaraderie.

Some of us are organizers. We can plan, outline, chart, and dissect a project into successful micro-steps.

Some of us are connectors. We like to introduce one person to another, then step aside and watch them help each-other.

Some of us are savers. We are good at holding onto what we need for the future (I’m not just talking about money).

Some of us are spenders. We give, we share, we put things out into the world faster than others.

Some of us are great describers of things and events. We have an innate ability to weave a story, to hold the attention of others, to reach a crescendo of thought maybe even resulting in a round of applause.

Some of us are lovers. We care, we hold, we protect.

Some of us are fixers. We have a strange ability to change bad situations into good, making everyone involved feel better in short order.

Some of us are cleaners. We pick up what others leave behind and then continue to refine, to buff, to polish, to make things more pretty.

When it comes to your sales career, recognizing your superpowers is essential. It helps define who you are and what you do. But more importantly, it gives you something to continuously work on. Build your superpowers. Ignore your weaknesses. Spider-Man doesn’t take swim lessons, Aquaman can’t build fancy tools for crime fighting, and Batman doesn’t lament not being able to shoot a web from his wrists.

Focus on what you do best, and get better at that.

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