Spring Training

It’s March, and all the baseball teams are in sunny locations getting ready for opening day, happening in about a month.

Spring Training is the time to loosen up the joints, play some casual games, let the coach get a feel for the team, let the team get a feel for each other, all the while playing against your ultimate opponents in games that mean absolutely nothing in the end.

Spring Training is an anomaly. There is no other industry out there that allows this phenomenon to happen. In sales you are either in the game or out, no ‘preseason’ allowed.

Wouldn’t it be something if you could hone your sales skills for two or three months before attacking a year of wine sales? If you could practice your skills so when ‘opening day’ occurs you’re prepared, excited, and confident?

The thing is, you can in a way.

Anything you can get better at can be coached, and a good coach will make you better at what you do. When you’re better at what you do, you make more money, have greater confidence, and have more options in your career. It’s easy math.

Communication skills. Body language. Public speaking. Analytical thinking. Spreadsheet mastery. The list goes on.

Udemy and Skillshare courses. Community Colleges. Toastmasters. SCORE. The list goes on.

Treat any skills you want to grow as baseball players treat Spring Training. Take the time to get ready for the big leagues (because you’re already in the big leagues).

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