Social clean up

Here’s a good list of projects for the week. These are important, will take a bit of time, but only need to be done once a year.

Linked In
Remember that profile you filled out in 2010? Well, your network keeps seeing it and those that search for you will find it. Take the time to clean it up. Fresh headshot, re-worked bio, updated employment, and more. While you are there bounce around a bit and realize that Linked In has become something bigger than you may have known or expected.

Facebook Pages
Your company’s Facebook page doesn’t need to be incredibly active (unless you want it to), but it does have to be accurate. Address, phone number, call to action button, are they accurate? What about the header image? Have you changed it up lately?

Google for Business
This is how most customers will find you, via Google Maps. How does it portray you? Can you use some new photographs? What does the random person Googling your company name find first? (Hint: open a private browser window so no cookies or browsing history come with it, and start a fresh search.)

Keeping up to date, fresh, and clean on your professional social platforms is a form of relevancy. Pay attention to it.

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