Don’t try reinventing the wheel.

The wheel is perfect. And it works great. And any change in the shape of a wheel makes it work less well.

There are aspects of your job that are a wheel. Leave them alone.

But for all the other parts … maybe a little reinvention is needed.

Your intro to a daily sales presentation. How do you set up the sales call? Can you pre-load the sales call with a weekly email?

Why do you see that account only on Tuesdays, when all the other sales reps are there? Can you move the sales day to Monday?

Your picking up of samples and will calls. Can you consolidate them into predictable times and days?

Why do you feel a need to respond to every voicemail right away? Can your voicemail say “I check my messages every day at 3 pm and will return your call at that time. If this is urgent please text me”?

Your ability pre-sell wines ahead of a vacation. Is there a way to reinvent how you map out your territory so you’re actually shipping wine while you are on a beach?

Reinvention, applied to the right questions, can open up a world of possibilities.

You don’t need to do things the way you always have. Get creative.

But leave what’s working well, the wheels, alone.

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