Every organization, wholesaler, winery, and sales rep has problems. They may be small, they may be hidden, but there is a 100% chance they exist.

How are the problems recognized? By you? By others? Through analysis of data? By a gut instinct?

And if problems abound, how does the company approach them, identify them, and solve them? And how is the identifier of the problems treated? With respect? Or with suspicion?

In some organizations, problems only exist if the boss says there’s a problem. That in itself, ironically, is a huge problem.

Is there a fear of solving problems?

Then, how are they solved?

For some, the antidote needed is simply airing out the dirty laundry. For others, it’s trying to shift the culture of the whole organization (which cannot be done, for culture is reactionary and not created). And for all, if nothing gets done, problems magnify.

Take note of the problem-solving abilities in yourself and in your company. How a person approaches problems, and especially how a company recognizes and deals with problems, shows their true nature.

And if that true nature needs to be changed, maybe you’re the one to do it. At least take a stand. Or at the very least throw a suggestion into the suggestion box. Or risk magnification.

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