Too many commitments.

Too many meetings.

Too many things on the to do list.

Too many emails in the inbox.

Too many phone calls to make.

Too many customers to see.

Too many wines to sell.

Too many things to organize.

Too many, too many, too many!

Many sales reps secretly (or subconsciously) see a list like this as a positive. An attribute. I’m busy and therefore I’m valuable!

In fact, at one point many of us put on this costume.

The fast pace walking in the office, head down on the phone frantically typing out another text but kinda hoping the boss sees you doing this.

The short and sharp answer to the question of “How ya doing?” (“Busy! Oh my god!).

Responding to the boss’ emails at 2am.

Seeing the same customer three times in a week even though they barely buy any wine.

… and more.

And why do we put on this facade? Because the opposite for many is terrifying. The opposite doesn’t sound like you can justify your job.

But just imagine how different your life would be with:

A few commitments today, like three or four good meetings with good buyers.

No internal company meetings because they are a waste of time.

Five really important things on the to do list but when you’re done with those you’re done with your to-do list until tomorrow.

Zero emails in the inbox.

Zero phone calls to make.

A small group of awesome customers to see who will buy your wines and ask for more.

One part of the portfolio to sell and focus on, not the whole mass.

Nothing left to organize.

Sounds like an ideal work-life balance, doesn’t it?

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