Another sales call.

More samples to pull.

Who is the new buyer again?

Oh yeah, that will call I have to run!

The focus winery of the month.

Do I have a sparkling wine stopper?

OMG Thanksgiving and Christmas is around the corner!

My phone is out of juice!

Yet another sales call.

I know you don’t care about Nouveau but please buy some.

Sure I’ll do an in-store tasting for you.

Is it any wonder we feel overwhelmed during September? Yet looking at the list above, which is a common list of ‘to-dos’ for many wine sales reps, there is one thing in common with them. These are reactionary items.

How do you break this cycle? It goes back to working ON your business, instead of always IN your business.

September, October, and November are most successful when you take the time to work ON your business every day. It’s the best 30 minutes you can invest every day. Phone off, email off. Pen to paper. No distractions.

Take the time to figure some stuff out:

Your overall schedule for the next week and the next month.

The goals you have for yourself.

The goals you have for your territory.

The goals you have for your top accounts.

And the plans to make the goals a reality. 



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