Nothing is impossible

This was the great lesson of Apollo 11.

Yes it may take 400,000 people.

Yes it may take over $25 billion dollars.

But the great lesson of late July 1969 is that we are allowed to think bigger than we ever thought possible.

And this great lesson can pare down to each of us and the choices we make during our one lap around the track.

There are wine sales reps that go onto being winemakers.

There are wine sales reps that go onto owning their own wholesalers or wineries.

There are wine sales reps that transition to writing, travel, education, web development, consulting, and more.

And there are wine sales reps that continue to be wine sales reps but become the most important ones in their company, city, or state.

But all ideas of impossible come with a price. There is a risk. There is anxiety. There are difficult times. There are many many moments of questioning your own sanity and the decisions you’ve made. That’s the tough part about growth and dreaming big, and why few people actually go after the prize. It’s not easy. But it can change the (your) world.

What’s your moonshot?

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