More is not better (focus on focus)

A wine by the glass list that is 90 items long is confounding for the customer (and impossible to train a service staff on, much less preserve the quality in the bottle).

A Chardonnay section in a wine shop that has three times as many wines as the other sections is obviously trying to appeal to everyone instead of someone.

A wine sales rep that brings ten Cabernets to an account, pours them all, then asks “so which did you like the most?” is not doing his job.

“More” is not a sales strategy. It’s simply proof that someone is lazy, or unwilling to be¬†challenged with the work of finding gems for their customers.

Instead, focus on focusing. On curating.

On being the sales rep that says “Wine shops like yours should sell wines like this.”

On being the wine shop that says “We don’t carry that wine, but we carry this wine and here’s why…”

On being the restaurant that says “We have ten wines by the glass, but we had to taste over 100 to get there.”

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