Long term goals without plans are called dreams

I’m in the starting period of a new big project, one that we’ve been mapping out for the last six months. I hoped to be fully up and running by now, but I actually find myself still on the starting blocks.

Six months ago I went into the work without clear plans. Rather than goals, I had a dream, which is still all I have to show for this idea.

What to do? Change the goals into a 90 day plan.

90 day plans are an amazingly powerful force for two reasons.

  1. 90 days divides nicely up into monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly goals.
  2. Thus the time windows and therefore the work loads are short and small enough that you can course-correct or jumpstart the engine without too much effort.

90 day goal setting and planning should always be done with a quantifiable destination in mind. Figure out where you want to be and then simply reverse engineer what you have to do to get there. Work backwards from 90 days to 1, and you know exactly what you have to do today.

Goal achievement is powerful stuff. It’s a drug of pride and satisfaction. And hitting goals can become kind of addictive. The best kind of addiction there is!

What do you want to achieve in the next 90 days?

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