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Vosne-Romanee, Nuits-St.-Georges

Heading further south, we come into the stunning regions of Vosne-Romanee and Nuits-St.-Georges. Two regions, two very different personalities, and some of my favorite wines of Burgundy


Without a doubt, one of the top villages in all of Burgundy. In the heart of Vosne-Romanee lies a collection of the most coveted Grand Crus in all of the area, 67 acres in total, surrounded by amazing Premier Cru vineyards that deliver top quality with with structure and age-worthiness, packaged in a beautiful balance of fruit.

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Vin de Bourgognes: Vosne-Romanee info page, and downloadable PDF with map


One of my favorite villages, and home to a personal favorite producer, Henri Gouges.

The wines of Nuits-Saint-Georges are often unlike the rest of Burgundy: more feral, wild, and from the earth. Where Volnay is pretty, NSG is a brute. It’s the scrappy kid who always comes home with more bruises and scrapes than the neighbor kids, always with a good story to tell.

The AOC is really divided in half, with the town itself in the middle. The northern half is more pretty in style, and the real ‘meat’ of the earthy aromas is found on the southern side.

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Vin de Bourgognes: Nuits-Saint-Georges info page, and downloadable PDF with map