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Visiting Willamette Valley: Hints and Tips


Our Google Map of the Willamette Valley!


The key for 2021 and 2022 will be planning. Wineries have become experts at the ‘experience’ during Covid times, with requiring reservations, smaller groups, and more attention paid to the details. They are going to keep this up, for it’s far easier to staff the tasting room and ensure customer satisfaction. Thus, the era of the drop-in-whenever tasting room might be over (at least for a few years).

As a result, planning is key. Make the phone calls, visit the websites, line up your experiences. We suggest three wineries in a day (10:30, 1:30, 3:30), plus exploration of a town or two, trying to stay within an outlined region for the entire day. It will help give you a sense of the area, and help you retain your new knowledge.

Especially with Willamette Valley, plan days based on geography and try to not pinball around. It’s not a big area, so it’s tempting to go from Eola-Amity to Carlton to Dundee and back to Eola-Amity, but the miles add up. Any time spent driving is time you could instead be using on a patio at a winery, relaxing and absorbing the view.

Order a free Willamette Valley travel guide here. Note that wineries pay to be a part of this, so you won’t find the smallest of the small wineries in there, but it’s still a great planning tool.

Wine Traveler: Willamette Trip Planning (a good comprehensive list)