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Txakoli and Rias Baixas

Basque Country / Txakoli (and sub-regions)

Wikipedia: Basque Country (with links to info on the Basque Language … the only European language still spoken without a Latin/romantic root)

Lonely Planet: 10 Reasons to Visit Basque Country

The Culture Trip: 16 Dishes You Can’t Leave Basque Country Without Trying

Winesearcher: Pais Vasco (the entirety of the wine region that includes the Txakoli sub-regions)

NY Times (possible paywall): Txakolia, The Tongue-Twisting Wine of Northern Spain

Winesearcher: Hondarrabi Zuri


Rias Baixas and the Albariño Grape

Winesearcher: Rias Baixas and Albariño

NY Times (possible paywall): Albariño Finds Its Inner Beauty

Official wine region website (lots of resources here): https://www.riasbaixaswines.com

Cellar Tours: Rias Baixas Wine Region (opening slide shows the pergola vine training system)

Tenzing: Just What You Need To Know About Rias Baixas (actually might be more than you need to know, but this link contains a great graphic on the sub-regions of the area).